508mm Hand Hammered Copper Lazy Susan

  • 508mm Hand Hammered Copper Lazy Susan
    NZ $361.48 inc.



    Uncompromising quality, beauty, and functionality make up this Hand Hammered Copper Lazy Susan.

    Green Recyclable Products like Copper Sinks are a must have in today?s modern home. This product is sure to impress your guests and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

    * Configuration: Round
    * Design: Hammered Copper Surface
    * Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
    * Outer Dimension: 508mm x 508mm x 38mm
    * Easy To Clean and Maintain
    * Includes Premium Swivel Base
    * Hand Made
    * Composition: 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper
    * Lead Free (less than .01%)
    * Patina: Fired
    * Packaging: Recycled Cardboard Box
    * Warranty: Limited Lifetime

    * Care Instructions
    * Warranty Information

    * Copper Pendant Lights - Models: L200DB & L400DB
    * Copper Sink Wax - Model: W900-WAX
    * * Copper Switchplates ? Models: SO2, SO4, SCOT, SR1-SR4, ST1-ST4, SB1


    508mm Hand Hammered Copper Lazy Susan

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