Hand Hammered Copper Waste Bin / Trash Can

  • Hand Hammered Copper Waste Bin / Trash Can
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    Uncompromising quality, beauty, and functionality make up this Premier Hammered Copper Waste Bin.

    Green Recyclable Products like Copper are a must have in today?s modern home. Compliment your Copper Sink or Bath Tub with a matching Copper Waste Bin. This accessory is sure to impress your guests and satisfaction is guaranteed.


    * Configuration: Round
    * Design: Hammered Copper Surface
    * Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
    * Outer Dimension: 279mm x 279mm
    * Material Gauge: 17 Gauge
    * Hand Made
    * 100% Recyclable
    * Composition: 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper
    * Lead Free (less than .01%)
    * Patina: Fired
    * Packaging: Recycled Cardboard Box
    * Warranty: Limited Lifetime


    * Care Instructions
    * Warranty Information


    *W900-WAX (Copper Sink Wax)
    *T4DBH (Copper Hammered Tile)
    *SO2 (Copper Switchplate)


    Hand Hammered Copper Waste Bin / Trash Can

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