• Benefits of Copper

    Sanitation is easier with copper products.

    One of the greatest benefits of copper is how easy it is to keep clean. All you need to do is apply a mild soap and hot water. Then you rinse the sink and it is ready to use. With copper, you never have to worry about rust, because copper will not oxidise like other metals. It will develop a patina, with exposure to oxygen, but this is a natural process and does not weaken the copper it evolves and changes over time

    Copper is naturally resistant to bacteria. It also resists the growth of mould and fungi that can cause illness in children. Having a copper sink in your home is a great way to ensure your children will not come into contact with harmful bacteria left behind on the sink surface. 

  • Caring for copper products

    The best way to care for an All Things Copper sink or tub is also the simplest. Use a mild soap and soft cloth when needed. As a best practice, wipe the sink dry after each use, especially in hard water areas.

    To help keep the copper product looking its best, apply a thin coat of wax occasionally. The wax will help to maintain the luster of the copper and will promote better water runoff. All Things Copper recommends Copper Sink Care Wax, a pure bee’s wax spray-on formula available from local All Things Copper. A simple spray on/wipe off application is recommended once a month. The Copper Sink Care Wax will help protect the copper surface, will not create a wax buildup, and will dry clear to bring out the true copper color. Please see the Accessories section for further information.

    Should a slightly discoloured spot or scratch appear, do not be discouraged and do not take action. Avoid waxing the sink for a few weeks. Copper has an endless ability to regenerate the patina surface naturally. With regular use the copper will regain the patina finish and will once again match the surrounding area.

    To prevent discoloration or damage to the finish, avoid acidic substances left in contact with the copper surface. For example, when cutting acidic fruits such as tomatoes, pineapples or other citruses, let the water run so the fruit juices do not linger on the copper. Thoroughly rinse the sink after working with acidic substances. Do not use chemical cleaners or abrasive substances that might remove the patina, and be sure to rinse the sink well should one of these come into contact with the copper. Do not use vinegar to clean the sink, as it is naturally acidic.

    All Things Copper products are especially easy to care for. The rolled corner construction and troughed floor promote better drainage and less food traps. Following the simple steps outlined above, the sink or tub will last a lifetime.


  • Construction

    Due to the size of our sinks and the shapes of the vessel sinks, welded seams are needed and these are all TIG welded using copper rod (“copper welded”). Copper sinks should not be soldered, soldered seams will appear greywith time, and could contain lead.

  • Construction, Supports, Gauge

    The All Things Copper sink on the right has three 14-gauge supports which provide stability in the middle of the apron and at the corners. This feature keeps the apron straight for the lifetime of the product. Since copper is a soft metal, maintaining a straight apron over time requires the skills of an artisan and maintained by proper support.

    The sink on the left, which is not from All Things Copper does not have sturdy support of a sufficient gauge in the most crucial spots to maintain the sinks integrity. 



    The gauge of the copper used in the construction of each sink is also an important consideration. A thicker gauge will hold up better during regular use and will be less susceptible to dents or scratches. All Things Copper uses the gauge best suited to the beauty and integrity of each product without cutting corners on thinner materials.

  • Copper Care

    Your copper sink may patina / change in its finish over time quickly or slowly depending upon what it comes into contact with. This includes heat, cold, air, food particles, the oil from your fingers, soap and hard water. Keep your sink dry whenever possible, the more you can do this and wax it the longer it will retain its present finish. Whenever possible and it is not in use, wipe out any water droplets or food particles that are left after use. This prevents spot patinas from developing. Then spray with the bees wax and rub it in letting it absorb the wax until you next use it. We would advise that you use the wax at least once a week.

  • Do copper sinks require a special drain?

    For most sinks and tubs your customer will not require a special drain. All Things Copper recommend our Oil Rubbed Bronze drains to match the colour of the sink for a more pleasing finished project.

    Sinks used in the bathroom may require a special drain. Copper bathroom sinks are non-overflow style. The bottom of the sink is thinner than sinks made of other materials and therefore the threads will not allow a standard drain to be tightened completely. All Things Copper offer two types of drains that match our bathroom sinks. One allows the sink to be plugged while the other provides a constant flow drain. Please visit the Drain section for more information.

  • Grades of Copper

    There are various thicknesses of copper used; all copper products we supply are made with the thickest copper applicable to the products. Standard gauge is 14 for our products, the lower the number the thicker the copper. Where companies may use 16-20 gauge this will provide for a lighter product, more prone to denting or bending when knocked and will not be as durable over time. A tinny sound can also be heard when knocked, bumped or the running water from the tap reverberates in the sink, not the more solid sounding noise from the thicker copper we use.

  • Hand-rolled Corners and Edges

    The All Things Copper sink on the left has hand-rolled corners in addition to the troughed bottom. This feature promotes proper drainage and easy cleaning. Your customer can simply rinse clean the All Things Coppersink and walk away. The sink on the right has 90-degree corners that are formed by machine bending a sheet of copper .. The 90-degree corner will trap debris and not drain properly, making the sink difficult to clean and causing discolouration.

    The progressive technique of hand-rolling the edges provide beauty, structural integrity and functionality.


  • How should a copper sink be secured to the countertop?

    All Things Copper offer a colour matched neutral cure silicone for installing copper sinks and drains that provides impressive adhesion. This silicone is used to seal the seam between the countertop and sink as well as between the sink and drain. It provides a clean look and pleasing overall installation for your customer. As a best practice, do not use plumber’s putty to install the drain. The result is an unsightly white ring that will spoil the aesthetic beauty of the copper fixture.

    For Vessel sinks we provide a vessel installation kit that provides gaskets to help seal when mounting to the top of a vanity or bench.

  • Is the drain included?

    Drains are available for purchase with each copper sink or tub. Because customer needs and installations will vary, it is necessary to choose the drain that best fits the individual project. All Things Copper offer a specially made silicone caulk that is colour matched and non-reactive. Drains and caulk are available for immediate shipment.

  • NZ Tap and Drain Fittings

    All of the taps and fittings are made to comply with US standard fittings. However when you purchase from All Things Copper we will supply you with the correct fittings to match NZ standard fittings and pipes. This will save you time and money with your plumber, rather than them having to go and find these fittings.

    For example; we use a brass 1/4 to half inch Hex reducing valve to connect the single handle faucets and a 32mm Spartan brass M&F Socket for the wide spread faucets.

    For the 32mm drains we will provide you with a 32mm Compression Coupling that will link your outlet pipe with the lower section of the drain

  • Spot-on Measurements, Consistently Perfect, Handmade 

    The term “handmade” can mean many things. Most companies promote handmade to disguise poor or inconsistent manufacturing techniques. All Things Copper in conjunction with Premier Copper maintain high quality standards, consistent materials and continual inspection. All products are inspected first at the factory then again at the Phoenix, AZ, warehouse and finally at the Australian and NZ Distribution centers before they are repackaged for final shipping. While these steps do incur additional time and cost, it ensures quality and ensures that our customers receive a consistently perfect handmade product.

    Is there lead mixed in the copper?

    No. Premier Copper Products operates the factory that produces the products All Things Copper sell, Premier Copper maintain a strict quality control program that guarantees no lead is used. We have an on-going relationship with Premier Copper and the artisans that craft these fine copper products, and these artisans have the highest reputations. All Things Copper will not stock products that contain lead and Premier Copper Products does not add lead to their copper to reduce the cost of material.

    Will the sink turn green? Does copper rust?

    Unless the copper product is exposed in an outdoor environment for decades, it will not turn green. The finish will maintain a beautiful quality with proper care for a lifetime. Copper has an endless ability to regenerate the patina finish. Customers need not be concerned with the pale green patina seen on outdoor fixtures and landmarks. Copper does not rust. See our Care Instructions for further details.

  • Tempered Patina, Copper Seams

    The naturally rich look of All Things Copper products is achieved by heat-setting, or tempering, the copper to a patina finish. The patina is a living finish that will endlessly regenerate throughout the life of the product with regular use and simple maintenance. Poorly manufactured copper sinks achieve colour with chemical treatments and sealants that are not easily maintained over time.

    When seams are necessary in construction, our products only use pure copper wire to weld the copper sheet. Pure copper welds maintain structural integrity and metal continuity. Traditional welds may result in a chemical reaction which can discolour and deteriorate the seam over time.

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