Terms and Conditions

All prices quoted will be in Australian or New Zealand dollars, inclusive of GST and Freight. We ask for a minimum of 50% deposit on all orders with the balance payable once products have landed on our domestic shores and ready to ship via courier. Processing the order for shipping will only proceed once initial deposit has been received.


Shipping Policies

Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped. Upon arrival you have 5 days to inspect and report any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process. After 5 days we will not be able to effectively lodge any claims with our shippers and we cannot be responsible for costs incurred for these claims.

If your product arrives damaged you must give us 7 working days to rectify the issue, from time of notification, to provide a replacement or provide a suitable and acceptable solution. Any refund requested is subject to a 20% restock fee. This is for return and management of stock.

All Things Copper is not responsible and cannot manage the timing of customer’s projects which is why we ask from the quote through to confirmation of the order for as much information as possible. As stated, standard shipping from America is via sea freight and this will on average take approximately 3-4 weeks to land in Australia or NZ. Where delays may be incurred which are out of our control we will advise in a timely manner.

All Things Copper is not liable for any labour or other direct or indirect costs associated with the installation or un-installation of products that may have arrived damaged or defected in any way.


Return Policy

At All Things Copper, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the product they have purchased. Our return policy is simple, if the item you purchased is from our stock and returned in its new, original condition within 30 days from the date of purchase and in the original packaging, you will only pay a 20% restock fee plus the cost of shipping your item back to us (sale items are excluded and are not returnable). Any non-ordinary expenses incurred in processing an order may be charged back at cost. e.g. Special delivery instructions, special finishing, urgent order costs, added customs or duty charges.

We cannot accept any returns after 30 days from the date of purchase. Returns in exchange for another product may not incur a restocking fee but you are responsible for shipping cost to return the original product. Please ensure to the best of your ability and with consultation by All Things Copper that the product you order is the best suited to avoid any future replacement costs.

Special or custom orders may not be available for exchange. Any shortages or damage to custom orders are required to be notified within 7 working days, any later than this and All Things Copper cannot be held accountable and liable for such.

In the case of Warranty Claims; All Things Copper will replace any product supplied that is proven to be defective as a result of manufacture with an equivalent or similar product as agreed between both purchaser and All Things Copper. The warranty does not cover the patina finish of the product or any product that has been cleaned or subject to the use of abrasives or chemicals in the process of cleaning. All Things Copper provides an approved process for the use and care.

All our products are by their nature are rustic and vary in appearance, it is not a perfectly maintainable finish and variations will occur in each product to the samples shown. Variations in dimensions and shape do occur, copper is a very malleable product and where some products may arrive with a slight irregularity some of these can be corrected with a wooden or plastic mallet and hammered back into position.

All Things Copper reserves the right to inspect and possibly correct any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink.

All Things Copper will not be liable in the instance of:

  • Improper or incorrect installation, or in the case of modification
  • Damages in the case of heavy impact or the abuse of the product in handling after delivery
  • Improper care or maintenance as opposed to the care and maintenance information provided


We stock on hand in Australia and New Zealand limited items for sampling and viewing of similar products for most categories. We do not carry all items shown on the website due to varied demand within these two markets. Most items are available ready to ship from our supply partners immediately. Where known and based on project timeframes indicated we will advise at the time of enquiry if there may be any delays or issues with supply to meet your requirements.

Standard delivery from placement of order and payment of deposit is 4 weeks, more urgent requirements can be met based on airfreight with an average delivery of 7-10 working days.

To view sample products please go to one of our retail display locations as indicated on our website, or please ask us how and we will endeavour to have sample products for you to view.

At All Things Copper we try to offer a wide range of products to suit most applications, if there is something we do not have that you require please enquire and we will try to provide a solution for you.

We have at our resource a large supply source of copper artisans within Mexico and were we not have something available we would endeavour to source it for you.



On occasions orders may need to be cancelled, if this is the case the cancellation must be placed in writing to sales@allthignscopper.co.nz if the deposit has been received and the order has been processed you may only be charged a credit card transaction fee of 4%, if it has not been processed to the shipping stage. If it has then you may be charged the 20% restocking fee and the cost of returning the product to stores as outlined in the return policy above.



Pls call us on 0274 222 639, or email us on sales@allthingscopper.co.nz

At present we do not offer online purchasing as we feel that the nature of copper products requires a more direct and personal approach, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any queries.

All information supplied to All Things Copper is considered confidential and will not be passed on to any other parties for any reason, unless we have contacted the customer directly and done so with the explicit agreement. The reason to do this may be where we cannot provide a product and we know a supplier that can or where we may provide further professional services e.g. interior, kitchen or bathroom design services.


Request a quote

All quotes will be returned within 12-24 hrs unless more information is sought and a return email or phone call may be required.

All quotes are based on the information provided below, information relating to when your product is required can have an impact on the quote provided. On placement of order we require a 50% deposit, once this has been received we will process your order and advise and confirm of delivery dates. Prices are based on a direct credit payment

If for any reason you are unsure of what you are ordering or what you require, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We will provide as much information as early as possible to ensure that we eliminate as much doubt in your purchase. Once the product is shipped it is out of our hands and shipping and restocking charges will apply.

Prices are based on a direct credit payment policy, Visa card may be accepted but will incur a 4% transaction fee. 

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