Quality Handmade Copper Sinks, Bathware and Kitchenware

Copper has been increasing in awareness over the last few years due to its ability to add an extra element of texture, colour and contrast to Kitchen and Bathroom designs. We will never compromise on our quality and that starts with our level of service, to information pr ovided online and personally through to the packaging that you receive your sink in. You as the customer have to have the confidence that we will deliver what and when we say we will and our clients are testimony to that.


Copper is not widely known or seen in Australia and NZ but many complimentary products that contrast or compliment are starting to become more available, stones and benchtop materials, tiles, taps and faucets to knobs and knockers allowing you to move away from generic stainless or porcelain options and add something Unique. Organic and 100% sustainable, copper has to be one of the most environmentally friendly products available.

All our copper products are GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED as being 100% Lead Free and all come with a LIFETIME warranty such is our confidence in what we offer. Every Copper Kitchen Sink is made form 14gauge (2mm) copper without exception and only basins and bowls are made from slightly thinner 14 - 16 gauge (1.6mm - 1.8mm), size and shape of smaller basins does not require the added thickness. We control the manufacturing of our copper sheets so can provide complete quality control over the raw product to the finished item. The video below shows our artisans making our products, view and appreciate the level of work that goes into our products.

There is no point pricing our products without the accessories required to complete your project, that is why all sink prices include the required drains along with copper coloured silicone for installation and pure bees wax for care and maintenance.

Price is important but we will not compromise on the quality we offer just to compete with cheaper products from alternative suppliers. Any queries or doubt you may have pls call Brooke on 0274222639 anytime and you be the judge over the information and solutions offered.  We are here to help you make an informed decision

Watch our Copper Sinks being hand-made

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